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How to practice the 10 hole diatonic “blues” harp according to Carlos del Junco.

ADAM GUSSOW from Modern Blues Harmonica says: "It's a good thing I'm not competitive, because he'd make me want to break all my harps and take up basket weaving. Tasty, technical, brilliant."

A SATISIFIED WEBINAR STUDENT: "I have to compliment you on just how well thought out and content rich these webinar materials are… Absolutely fantastic. It is rare to have a world-class player and a world class teacher come in the same package!! "The Secrets of Successful Intentional, Focused, and Engaged Practice" was two pages of such practical and profound information regarding practicing and the best way to learn something new…" TIM PIELAK

WEBINAR 6 "Just Your Fool"
DESCRIPTION: I'll be breaking down my updated 2nd line New Orleans version of the melody and my solo of this classic tune from my first band recording I did live at Grossman's in downtown Toronto in 1995. Watch video below for me talking a bit more about it and to hear the song:

WEBINAR 5 "The Practice of Practice" with Roly Platt and Carlos del Junco available for download.
DESCRIPTION: Explore the art of practice with myself & Roly Platt. We each shared our own perspective and in-common advice on how to advance as a harp player, how to develop your own style and become a better musician in the process. How and what you practice will have a huge impact on your development as a player, but as you will learn in this workshop, one method does not have to fit all. We discussed how we both approached learning in our early years and how our practice routines have evolved over the years. We highlighted where we are different and where we are the same in our approaches and how each method can be utilized to benefit players of all skill levels. NOT TO BE MISSED!

Cost is $32.50 Canadian (approx $25 US). Purchase and download here.

About Carlos del Junco - over 30 years teaching experience

2017, 2018, 2019 SPAH (U.S.A. Society for the Preservation & Advancement of the Harmonica) Bernie Bray Harmonica Player of The Year Award nomination

2016 Maple Leaf Blues Nomination - Best Acoustic Duo (with Jimmy Bowskill for Blues Etc...)

Harmonica Player of the Year - winner EIGHT times
Canadian Maple Blues Awards (& an additional eight times nominated)

(JUNO is Canada’s equivalent of a Grammy)

2005 "Best Blues" Award - NOW Magazine, Toronto, ON


1996 Blues Musician of the Year Award - Jazz Report Magazine

1993 Hohner World Harmonica Championship, Trossingen, Germany -
Two Gold Medals in both diatonic blues and diatonic jazz

I first picked up a harmonica in 1972 and got a taste of playing in front of a live audience at a student talent night jamming on a couple Leadbelly tunes with my high school math teacher. While my first interests were definitely rooted in the blues, studying players like Paul Butterfield, Little Walter, James Cotton, I was also attracted to more progressive players like Lee Oskar and perhaps one of the most unsung heroes in my mind, David Burgin (see the link “CARLOS’ INFLUENCES” about some of my favourite harmonica recordings) and eventually after 15 years of playing, studied with Howard Levy 4 years in a row when he used to teach at Augusta Heritage Centre in West Virginia for the Blues and Swing week back in the late 1980's. I also recieved a study grant to study with him privately for 2 months in 1995.

My first love has always been blues. If I were to sum up my playing “style” as a “harmonica voice”, I like to think that I am marrying a sound somewhere between early David Burgin and Howard Levy: a blues attitude with a jazzy sensibility. So, definitely a more progressive voice. My 7 full band recordings to date delve into all types of “roots music” which encompasses many styles of blues, jazz, New Orleans second line grooves, Latin, Ska, folk, “world music”. Click here to get a taste of the sounds and styles I like to make on these recordings and here for a complete bio.

Teaching experience:

  • Over 30 years of private students & group classes/workshops (including Skype lessons worldwide) thru out Canada, Europe and the US

  • Kincardine Summer Music Festival Master classes (Ontario)

  • Harmonica Masters Workshops Trossingen (Germany)

  • Augusta Blues Week (West Virginia)

  • Dunnville Shared Harvest Harmonica Workshops (Ontario)

  • Gitarrentage-Shorndorf (Germany)

  • Fleming College (Ontario)

  • Hornby Island Blues Camp (British Columbia)


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